About Us

We Are ZM Global

ZM global came into existence in 2011 as a sister Concern Company along with the distribution group and which are ZM trader, rehber trader, wahab traders and kamran traders. With their experience and expertise in the supply chain sector, ZM global took birth as a trading company that deals in importing automobile alloy rims from China and exporting textile made up such as garments bed sheets towels etc to the US. With the passage of time, due to the strategic and visionary approach of the company’s management, sheer handwork, excellence in service, and high quality of products, ZM global was able to successfully expand its operations to Malaysia. Today ZM global has its warehouse in Malaysia, and a network of sub dealers throughout the country assisting the ever expanding supply chain industry.

The company has expanded its horizons and has partnered with one of the biggest companies in China for import purposes. The company has diversified itself and caters products from multiple industries. ZM global realizes the need of premium quality and provides class-apart products while offering 1 year warranty.

Furthermore, ZM global is a licensed company, sales tax registered, NTN registered and is a part of Karachi chamber of commerce. This boundless network is established to make sure that all the local, national and global supply chain requirements are evenly met. Not forgetting the prime role which is played by our cordial and attentive customer care representatives. They are committed to enlighten the clients about innovative, cost-effective solutions that will add value to their respective organizations.

ZM Global Segments

ZM Global is segmented into four different organisations:

ZM Traders

ZM Traders is the daughter company of ZM Global, and they operate in a different niche which is distribution and warehousing. Their extensive transportation and warehousing facility is what makes them stand out in the market. It’s warehousing, and distribution functions are centred in the heart of Pakistan, where access to air, road, and rail is at its best. ZM Traders have some huge brands under its name such as:

Kamran Agencies

Kamran Agencies is another subdivision of ZM Global, and they are experts in a similar area as their sister company ZM Traders. Their expertise in timely delivery and providing high-quality products to the customers in their right shapes is its USP. They feature excellent links of transport, full logistics support, inventory management systems, container handling, and clear cut order picking. Kamran Agencies is the distribution centre for the following brands:

Wahab Traders

Wahab Traders is a well-known name and a subsidiary of ZM Global. It is virtuoso in its far-reaching distribution and warehousing amenities. Their obsession with attention to detail is a peculiarity that makes them the best at what they do. Their distribution and warehousing facilities include these brands:

Rehbar Traders

Rehbar Traders is one of the daughter companies of ZM Global with its proficiency in the well-timed and eminent distribution and warehousing services. Their broad experience in this area gives them an edge over its competitors. Rehbar Traders have prospects of serving the following brands: